Cooling centres open across N.S. to beat the heat

The department of community services and some municipalities are working with service providers across the province to help people experiencing homelessness cope with the heat. Open Arms Resource Centre, in Kentville, is making a special effort to support the steady traffic they’ve seen this week.

Staff are particularly concerned about people who don’t have proper shelter at the best of times. It’s very early in the season to be having such extreme weather and it’s really important that people experiencing homelessness know these resources are available to them. The cooling centre run by Open Arms Resource Centre, in collaboration with the city of Kentville, is open to all members of the public and provides refreshments, snacks, and activities in a climate controlled and supervised environment.

Open Arms Resource Centre also operates an outreach pilot to deliver frozen cooling items, water, and snacks to acutely vulnerable people experiencing homelessness further from the city who may not have direct access to the cooling centre.

Read the full story with accompanying video on CBC:

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