5000 housing units proposed for Halifax’s ex park lands

Halifax Regional Council voted to start a planning process that could bring almost 6,000 housing units to lands at Exhibition Park. BANC Group bought the land, plus the Exhibition Park, now named Halifax Exhibition Centre (HEC), from the province in 2015. Fathom Studio submitted a proposal to the municipality on behalf of BANC Group that includes 28 multi-unit buildings ranging between six and 24 storeys, and 20 townhomes and stacked townhomes, totalling 5,867 residential units on 45 hectares of land off Prospect Road in Halifax. The proposal also includes expansions to central water and wastewater services, new public roads, infrastructure, and parkland.

The planning process will address items that are needed for a new complete community through a neighbourhood plan for the entire site. This will include new roads, parks, pathways, housing mix, and any other amenities. Staff will draft new policies and regulations to guide the phasing, use, and form of development informed by existing municipal policies and priorities, public consultation, collaboration with internal and external reviewers, and the submission from the landowner, including required studies.

See the proposal and further details yourself on Halifax’s engagement hub website:

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