Culturally Relevant Solutions To Address Indigenous Homelessness

About the NIHC

A National Strategy

The NIHC is a community-led coalition established to serve Indigenous peoples who are experiencing homelessness in a way that is holistic and culturally relevant.

How Did We Get Here?

Indigenous Challenges in Canada


Historical Trauma

The legacy of colonialism, residential schools, and forced assimilation has led to intergenerational trauma, resulting in unique barriers that prevent Indigenous people from thriving.


Cultural Disconnection

Urbanization and disconnection from traditional Indigenous cultures and support systems contribute to a sense of isolation and increase vulnerability to those experiencing homelessness.


Discrimination and Racism

Systemic discrimination and racism within social services, education, and employment sectors have historically limited access to essential resources and increased the risk of homelessness.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Committed to communities

Comprised of over 20 representatives from Reaching Home Indigenous Community Entities and Indigenous Community Advisory Boards, the National Indigenous Homelessness Council serves as a national voice for Indigenous homelessness.

Get In Touch

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If you have any questions about the National Indigenous Homelessness Council, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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