Halifax approves zoning changes, clearing the way for thousands of new housing units

Halifax council has voted unanimously to approve a slew of zoning changes following a two-day public hearing and hours of debate.

Councillors heard from dozens of people on Tuesday and Wednesday about the slew of new rules stemming from the federal Housing Accelerator Fund. The city received $79 million from Ottawa last year to fast-track housing development. During debate Thursday, councillors spoke about the need for housing in the municipality while some raised issues with the speed at which the new housing plan has been developed.

The plan allows four housing units on a lot within the service boundary, and up to eight units a lot, depending on lot size, in most residential areas of the urban core. Taller buildings up to seven or nine storeys will be allowed on key transit routes, heritage areas will be expanded or created, and dozens of specific developments will also be approved.

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